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My name is Jeff Jones. I'm a cyclist committed to the non-suspended bicycle. My ideas and passion have created an exceptional ride - a trail-blazing geometry that delivers superb handling, comfort and efficiency. My bikes are available in titanium and steel, to be ridden off-road (and on) for exploring and racing, adventures and fun. They are outrageously responsive bicycles - frame and forks designed in harmony to provide a rigid bicycle that is anything but. A pure cycling experience like no other.

Jones Spec. Downtube mounted Battery Pack with Charger

$275.00 - $475.00
$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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Jones Spec. Downtube mounted Battery Pack with Charger

48 V battery pack for the Plus LWB HD/e complete ebikes with Bafang BBS02/BBSHD motors. Batteries can be removed from the bike to charge and/or store. Quick and easy to remove, then reinstall and lock on securely with the key. Available in 10.4Ah and 17.5Ah capacities. 


  • Rechargeable LI-ion battery
  • Pack voltage: 48 Volts
  • 30 Amps continuous BMS (Battery Management System) discharge rate
  • 10.4 Ah, 500 Wh battery uses SAMSUNG 2600 mAh cells (battery only, 3211 g / 7.08 lb)
  • 17.5 Ah, 840 Wh battery uses SAMSUNG 3500 mAh cells (battery only, 4058 g / 8.95 lb)
  • On/Off switch
  • LED charge-level indicator light
  • Easy to use charger port with water proof cover
  • Silent 2.0 Amp high-quality battery charger with 3-prong grounded US plug (110 V)
  • Smart BMS. A green light means it’s charged!
  • Anderson connectors used on main battery disconnect 
  • Convenient and quick mounting release to easily take your battery on and off your bike
  • Mounting plate and bolts included
  • Lockable and removable with two keys included


The distance you can ride an ebike on a full battery charge varies greatly depending on several variables. 

Here are some tips on how to increase the range of your ebike. It's just like trying to get better mileage in a car by driving in a way where you conserve energy. Driving real smooth with easy accelerations and not speeding will increase your mileage. 

  • Pedal to help the motor as much as you can.
  • Pedal at a higher cadence.
  • Use a lower power level when possible, especially at lower speeds.
  • Pedal only when starting out, power level 0. Then increase power assist once moving.
  • Don’t use power on downhills.

Here are the stats from some of the rides we've done. Some riders are stronger than others and individual results will vary: 

10.4 Ah battery: 22 miles, 3500 vertical feet, 3 hours of riding  

17.5 Ah battery: 30 miles, 5000 vertical feet, 4 hours of riding