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My name is Jeff Jones. I'm a cyclist committed to the non-suspended bicycle. My ideas and passion have created an exceptional ride - a trail-blazing geometry that delivers superb handling, comfort and efficiency. My bikes are available in titanium and steel, to be ridden off-road (and on) for exploring and racing, adventures and fun. They are outrageously responsive bicycles - frame and forks designed in harmony to provide a rigid bicycle that is anything but. A pure cycling experience like no other.

Jones Titanium Plus SWB Diamond Frame with Fork

$3,600.00 - $4,540.00
$100.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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Jones Titanium Plus SWB Diamond frame with Titanium Truss or Steel Unicrown Fork

The Jones bike is a bike for riding fast, slow, the rough with the smooth; safely, aggressively, laid-back or raging; with a big load or stripped to the bare essentials; on road, dirt, mud, snow; in the mountains, on the flat lands, around town or across the county; around the world or your local loop; for getting rad or just getting away.

The Plus SWB frameset can be built into a bike that is great bike for dirt, road, mountains, gravel, city, touring, trekking, bikepacking, commuting, fitness and adventure!

Frame and fork are designed to work together – the much celebrated Jones Geometry. It's a bike without mechanical suspension. It's a "rigid" bike that isn't. It is not designed to run with a suspension fork and it does not need one. 

The eccentric bottom bracket (EBB) allows you to adjust chain tension for single speeds and gear hubs, or to change your bottom bracket height to suit your preference for differing terrain or wheel sizes.

The Diamond frame has more frame pack space and it weighs a little less than the Spaceframe version.

This frameset is all about function.


 Frame Specs:
• Beautifully hand TIG welded, 3AL-2.5V Titanium tubing, heat treated 
• Jones Eccentric Bottom Bracket (EBB) and fully replaceable stainless steel hardware, 68 mm BSA/English threaded 
• Jones TA / thru axle bolts front and rear, simple, reliable, light, and low-profile 
• Frame designed for 27.5" x 2.8-3" or 29" x 2.3-2.6" tires, with big clearance. Will fit up to 27.5" x 3.25" with less clearance
• Compatible with single or double chainring crank sets
• Ample chainring / stay clearance for up to a 38 tooth boost chainring
• Standard 148 mm x 12 mm thru-axle "Boost" rear hub spacing
• Chainstay mounted 51 mm IS rear disc brake mount for stiffness and ease of mounting fenders and racks

• Seatpost size is 27.2 mm (a set back post is recommended for the SWB)

• 34.9 mm / 35 mm seatpost clamp size diameter

• Standard 1-1/8" headtube for external bearing headsets such as the Jones H-Set
• Multiple rear rack and fender mounts for the best rack/fender/tire size fit

• Jones replaceable derailleur hanger

Jones Titanium Truss fork:
• Beautifully hand TIG welded, 3AL-2.5V Titanium tubing, heat treated
• Standard 150 mm x 15 mm thru-axle front hub spacing
(compatible with generator / dynamo hubs) 
• Fork designed for 27.5" x 2.8-3" or 29" x 2.3"-2.6" tires, with big clearance. Fits up to 27.5" x 3.8" or 29" x 3.25" with less clearance.
• 51 mm IS disk brake tab  

• Fork length: 435 mm

• 55 mm offset / rake 
 What you get: 

Frame: Titanium Plus SWB Diamond frame, EBB (eccentric bottom bracket), stainless steel bolts and nuts, rear thru axle / TA bolt, stainless steel water bottle bolts with integrated washers, cable guide clips, and standard Jones derailleur hanger with stainless steel bolts.

Fork: Jones Titanium Truss fork with aluminum steerer tube, stainless steel clamp bolts, cable guide clips and front and thru axle / TA bolt


Fork: Jones Steel Truss fork with aluminum steerer tube, stainless steel clamp bolts, cable guide clips and front and thru axle / TA bolt


Fork: Jones Plus SWB steel Unicrown Fork with stainless steel water bottle bolts, cable guide clips and front and thru axle / TA bolt


 Titanium Plus SWB frame and fork weights including frame parts; EBB axles bolts etc:

Titanium Plus SWB Spaceframe: Small 2295 g, Medium 2400 g, Large 2455 g 
Titanium Plus SWB Diamond frame: Medium 2232 g, Large 2335 g
Titanium Truss Fork: Small 1020 g, Medium 1025 g, Large 1043 g
Steel Truss fork: Medium 1,345 g
Steel Unicrown fork: (one size) 1436 g
 Jones Titanium Plus SWB frameset available sizes and sizing: 
Spaceframe is available in Small, Medium, Large
Diamond frame is available in Medium, Large
The fit and geometry for the Spaceframe and the Diamond frame are the same except the Spaceframe has lower top tubes with more stand over clearance.
See how the geometry and fit stay the same below.
This Spaceframe bike was built up with 27.5" x 3" tires on 56 mm wide rims and the Diamond frame bike was built up with 29 x 2.35" tires on 50 mm wide rims.

SWB Spaceframe sizing:                                                                          
Small- Rider height: 5' - 5'8", Standover at center of top tube is 26.5"
Medium- Rider height: 5'6" - 6'2", Standover at center of top tube is 27"
Large- Rider height: 6' - 6'6", Standover at center of top tube is 28"
SWB Diamond frame- sizing:                                                                   
Medium- Rider height: 5'7" - 6'2", Standover at center of top tube is 30.5"
Large- Rider height: 6' - 6'5", Standover at center of top tube is 32"


All sizes of the Jones Plus SWB frames have a 69° head tube angle and a 72° effective seat tube angle
Chainstays are 17.68" / 449 mm from bb center to axle center

Small:     41.9"  / 1066 mm
Medium: 42.98" / 1091.72 mm
Large:     44.05" / 1118.95 mm
For drivetrain and wheelset suggestions and requirements, please check out the Jones Plus SWB supplemental manual on our manuals and guides page. 
If you’re interested in a complete Custom Select bike or rolling chassis, please send us an email or give us a call.
 The steel Jones Diamond Plus SWB bike in the video below has the same geometry and fit as the titanium Diamond Plus SWB frameset above. 
The titanium version is lighter and has a smoother ride. Jeff is 6' and riding a medium SWB here.
The steel and titanium Plus SWB have the same fit and geometry:
Jones Bikes Unicrown Forks:
Jones Plus SWB and LWB bikes have basically the same fit, but wheelbase and wheel size is different:

Ways to buy a Jones Bicycle

1- Jones Custom Select Bicycle: We build a custom bike for you from the frame up. Talk with Jeff about how you ride and what you need and want in a bike and he will help you with the choices and options to give you the best ride. 

2- Rolling Chassis: A Jones rolling chassis includes a frame, fork, headset and wheelset and is a great place to get started on your own Jones Bike build!

3- Customize or modify a complete Jones Bicycle: We build a boxed Jones complete bike with changes and modifications of your choice. Then we tune, adjust and test ride your bike, tune it again and then carefully pack it back up and send it to you, or you can pick it up here (customer keeps take-off parts).

4- Complete Jones Bike order with added parts: We can add parts and accessories to your bike order to be installed later.