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My name is Jeff Jones. I'm a cyclist committed to the non-suspended bicycle. My ideas and passion have created an exceptional ride - a trail-blazing geometry that delivers superb handling, comfort and efficiency. My bikes are available in titanium and steel, to be ridden off-road (and on) for exploring and racing, adventures and fun. They are outrageously responsive bicycles - frame and forks designed in harmony to provide a rigid bicycle that is anything but. A pure cycling experience like no other.

Jones LWB HD/e Complete Bike V2

$2,475.00 - $2,850.00
$195.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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The Jones Plus LWB HD/e Complete Bicycle for Road, Gravel, Mountain, Tour, City, and More!


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What is the HD/e?  (back to top)

HD/e stands for heavy duty and electric and the frame is built stiffer, stronger, and longer.

  • Jones LWB HD/e Frameset.
  • Wheels with 50 mm wide rims, 36 spokes, Schrader valve stems.
  • Big 29” x 3.25” knobby tires or 29" x 2.8" smooth tires.
  • Hydraulic or mechanical disk brakes with 203 mm rotors front and rear.
  • 1 x 9 speed drivetrain with a single click shifter. 
  • Steel cassette teeth, axle, and hub driver body.
  • Comfortable seat with deeper padding and chromoly rails.
  • And more!


The Jones LWB HD/e is based on the Jones Plus LWB, a design that has proven itself as one of the most versatile bikes around, winning awards for its abilities as a bikepacking bike, as well as praise for just about all other types of riding. Combine this with Jones Geometry, the upright riding position, big 29” 36 spoke wheels and plus size tires, drivetrain and brake parts selected for strength and durability, and we have a heavy duty bicycle that is efficient and comfortable! 

The Jones LWB HD/e frames and unicrown forks are made from heat treated 4130 chromoly steel and have a great feel to them that is stiffer, stronger and with a little more weight than the non HD/e version (~ 300 grams). Perfect for heavy loads or an e-bike conversion. If you’re in need of a heavy duty bike for loaded touring, bikepacking, mountain biking, commuting, gravel or road riding, the Jones HD/e has you covered!

The Jones LWB HD/e frameset can be built into a highly versatile and rugged bike or e-bike with a great ride that is efficient, comfortable, and as good in city streets as it is out on rough and technical terrain, and everything in between!

We offer this frameset, built up into complete bicycles and e-bikes. This frameset does not have any extra brackets or mounts that make it an e-bike frame. It does, however, have enough clearance for a motor as well as being made stiff and strong enough to handle a heavier rider, motor, and/or lots of cargo.

Here is a video where Jeff talks about this new bike.



Features and Benefits  (back to top)

  • Jones LWB HD/e Geometry for a great ride in a wide range of conditions.
  • Frame and fork designed to work together, a frameset.
  • Frame is compatible with Jones Truss Fork for LWB.
  • These steel frames have a great feel that is stiffer, stronger and with a little more weight, ~ 300 grams. Perfect for heavy loads.
  • Super tough heat treated 4130 chromoly steel frame and fork with butted tubing.
  • Longer chainstays, 20", provide a longer wheelbase with more stability, smoother ride, keeps the front end down on steep climbs. It also creates more chainring clearance and room for a center kickstand mount.
  • Big and tall Jones Spec. wheelset with 29" x 3.25"/700c x 82 mm tubeless ready knobby tires, or 29" x 2.8"/700c x 71 mm tubeless ready smooth tires on 50 mm wide rims allow you to run very low pressure for maximum suppleness, better traction, more flotation and comfort along with lower rolling resistance, less flats and more safety, on or off road!
  • 36 spokes for ultimate strength and durability.
  • Jones Spec. rims are taped and tubeless ready for maximum suppleness, better traction, more flotation and comfort along with lower rolling resistance, less flats and more safety, on or off road! Bead lock helps to keeps the tire on the rim even at low pressures.
  • New Jones Spec. rear hub with interchangeable freehub bodies and axles. The complete bikes come with a steel HG freehub body and axle for maximum stiffness and durability. We have compatible aluminum Shimano HG, SRAM XD, and Shimano Microspline freehubs (sold separately). There is also a steel axle for HG and XD freehubs available for added strength (sold separately). 
  • The wheels are drilled for Schrader valves which are stiffer, sturdier, and easier to use than presta valves. They have a larger diameter than presta valves allowing for increased airflow and this makes setting up tubeless tires much easier. Changing to tubeless will save about 1.2 lb compared to the Schrader tubes that come with the bike.
  • Big tire clearance. Room for 29” x 3.25”.
  • Jones 710mm Loop H-Bar and H-Grips provide better handling and more comfort than a traditional bar. A wide range of better hand and body positions ensure more power, comfort and control. Jones H-Bar Tape on the rear crossbar for the full range of hand positions. Our most popular bar and grip combination.
  • Wide range Box Prime 9 drivetrain has the same range as some 12 speed drivetrains. With fewer gears and bigger jumps between gears, you don’t have to shift as often.
  • Box Three 9 speed single-click shifter weighs less than Box Two and costs less. It has a plastic cover, and doesn’t have the hinge for mounting to the bars. The shifting is the same as Box Two. 
  • Box Three cassette is stiffer, e-bike ready, and has all steel sprockets for less shifting and better durability. The overall cassette is narrower than a 12 speed cassette for a better chainline.
  • Box Two chain is wider, stronger, and sturdier chain than 12s chain.
  • Box Two derailleur has a stiff Tri-Pack™ Clutch that keeps the chain tight.
  • Fits up to a 38T chainring. This is comparable to the gearing of a road triple with a similar fast gear and an easier climbing gear. 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes, Magura MT Trail Sport. Ergonomic 1-finger HC aluminum lever blade, 4 piston front caliper and 2 piston rear. 203 mm front and 203 mm rear Magura Storm HC rotors and Magura adapters. Increased control and more power, excellent for trail riding. 
  • Or
  • Mechanical/cable actuated disc brakes, Alhonga. Easy to adjust and very adjustable ball bearing disc brake. Super durable with plenty of stopping power at a lower cost. Long pull adjustable reach levers with barrel adjuster. Comfortable silicone brake lever cover.
  • Brazed-in water bottle bosses, rack mounts, and fender mounts. 
  • Brazed-on cable guides for full length brake and derailleur housing. For use with plastic clips or zip ties to attach the housing to the cable guides. 
  • Five rear rack and fender bosses, one on the dropout and four in the seatstay, for the best rack/fender/tire size fit, or for mounting water bottles. The fork can hold two more water bottles.
  • Full fender bosses on the seat and chainstay bridges.
  • Rack bosses on upper seatstays.
  • Triple-boss cage mount underneath the downtube. One triple-boss cage mount on the top of the down tube near the bottom bracket (use it to for a standard two-bolt bottle cage, or a three-bolt cage), and one standard two-boss mount closer to the headtube.
  • Centered kickstand mount. A great bike for dirt, road, mountains, gravel, city, touring/trekking, bikepacking, commuting, fitness, riding around the world or just around your neighborhood.
  • Coated with ED Black for rust resistance and smoother coating underneath the paint.
  • Decals underneath a semi-matte clear coat.
  • Available in black with knobby tires, or limited edition red (Pantone 7420) with smooth tires. Both colors come with semi-matte clear coat applied over the decals.

A great bike for city, dirt, road, mountains, gravel, touring/trekking, bikepacking, commuting, fitness, riding around the world or just around your neighborhood. The only bike you’ll ever need!


Jones Plus LWB HD/e Complete Bicycle Specs  (back to top)


Jones LWB HD/e, 4130 chromoly custom butted tubing that is TIG welded and post heat treated, CNC dropouts, 148 mm x 12 mm thru axle “Boost” rear hub spacing, 68 mm English/BSA threaded bottom bracket shell, 27.2 mm seatpost size,  31.8 mm seatpost clamp size diameter, Standard 1 1/8" headtube for external bearing headsets.


Jones LWB HD/e Unicrown Fork. Heat treated 4130 Chromoly butted tubing. Long steerer tube for maximum adjustment, with butted, tapered and oval legs, 150 mm x 15 mm thru axle spacing.

Front Thru-Axle

Aluminum 150mm x 15mm thru axle bolt with captive washer.  175mm x 15 mm, M15 x 1.50 thread pitch. Uses a 6mm hex wrench. Simple and tough.

Rear Thru-Axle

Aluminum 148mm x 12mm thru axle bolt with captive washer.  181mm x 12mm,  M12 x 1.75 thread pitch. Uses a 6mm hex wrench. Simple and tough.


Jones Sealed Cartridge H-Set. Durable and simple with readily available, replaceable 36° x 45°, 30.2mm x 41mm x 6.5mm cartridge bearings. Excellent tolerances. Compression ring design is easy to install and slide on the steerer tube. Quality materials throughout.


Jones Spec. Straight/0mm offset, forged aluminum alloy, anodized back. 27.2mm diameter, 400mm length. This is a reliable, easy to adjust seatpost. Laser etched logo.

Seatpost Clamp 

Jones Spec. machined aluminum with laser etched logo. 31.8 mm. Stainless steel bolt uses a 5 mm hex wrench.

Front Hub 

Jones Spec. 36 hole, 150 mm x 15 mm thru axle hub with sealed cartridge bearings. Canted flanges angle the spokes in toward the spoke holes in the rim, and the wide and even flange spacing makes for an extremely strong and stiff wheel. Cutaways in the flanges and relief inside the hub keep weight to a minimum, making this the perfect center for a super stiff, super strong wheel.

Rear Hub 

Jones Spec. HD/e 36 hole, 148 mm x 12 mm Boost hub. Black. Like the front hub, this is a simple, durable hub. The axle and Shimano HG driver body are both made from chromoly steel for maximum stiffness and durability.  The 4 freehub pawls and the ratchet teeth are larger than what’s found in most hubs adding to the overall strength. Canted flanges angle the spokes in toward the spoke holes in the rim, and the wide flange spacing makes for an extremely strong and stiff wheel. Cutaways in the flanges keep weight to a minimum. 4 sealed cartridge bearings. 6-bolt disk brake pattern. 

Rim Tape 

Tubeless compatible rim tape.


14 gauge/2 mm stainless steel. Black.

Spoke Nipples

Brass nipples. Black.


Jones Spec. 50 mm wide, double wall, 36 hole, eyeleted, 6061-T6 aluminum with bead lock to keep the tire on the rim even at low pressures. Tubeless ready. Anodized black.


Vee Tire Co Bulldozer 29” x 3.25” tires with 72 TPI, MPC compound and tubeless ready (knobby tires).


Vee Tire Co Speedster 29” x 2.8” tires with 72 TPI, MPC compound and tubeless ready (smooth tires).



Vee Tire Co  29" x 2.6" - 3.25" Schrader Valve, Butyl Rubber (knobby tires).


Kenda  29" x 2.4" - 2.8" Schrader Valve, Butyl Rubber (smooth tires).


Jones Spec. Near-Net Forged aluminum alloy.  Super strong and light. 31.8 mm clamp, anodized black. Length is 60 mm on small, 70 mm on medium, and 80 mm on large, all with 17 degrees of rise.

Stem/Headset Spacers

Aluminum, anodized black. Tall stack with variety of sizes for maximum adjustment.


Jones SG Aluminum Loop H-Bar. 710 mm, Black. The straight gauge version of our most popular H-Bars. 


Jones Kraton H-Grip sized for 710 mm H-Bars.

Bar Tape 

Jones H-Bar Tape on the rear crossbar for the full range of hand positions.


Hydraulic brake option:

Calipers: Magura MT Trail Sport. Excellent braking performance for all riding conditions. Mineral oil system is non-corrosive and kinder to the environment than DOT oil. 4 piston front, 2 piston rear.

Rotors/Disks: Magura Storm HC 203mm front and 203mm rear rotors. 6 Bolt, stainless steel. Bigger disks for more power and better cooling. 

Brake Levers: Magura alloy HC lever with reach adjust. 1 or 2 finger use with a great ergonomic design.

Brake Oil: Magura Royal Blood Mineral oil.

Brake Hose: Magura disc brake tubing with pressed banjo fitting.




Mechanical brake option: 

Calipers: Alhonga HJ-MD17. Easy to adjust and very adjustable mechanical/cable actuated ball bearing disc brakes. Super durable with plenty of stopping power.

Rotors/Disks: Alhonga 203mm front and 203mm rear. 6 bolt, stainless steel. Bigger disks for more power and better cooling.

Brake Levers: Alhonga, for one or two finger braking with a great feel. Reach adjustment and barrel adjusters for on the fly adjustments. Comfortable silicone lever covers.

Cables: Jagwire KEB-SL Elite Ultra-Slick. These highly polished stainless steel cables offer the ultimate in low-friction, smooth performance.


Jones Spec. with Boost spacing. 170mm crank arms on M, L sizes, 165mm on size S. 3 piece direct mount crankset with self extracting forged 6061/T6 aluminum crank arms, adjustable bottom bracket preload, and laser etched Jones Spec. logo. 30mm aluminum spindle that is big, stiff, and light.


Jones Spec. aluminum, direct mount, narrow wide, 30T chainring. 0mm offset for better chain/tire clearance. CNC machined 7075 T6 aluminum, anodized black with laser etched logo. Bolt cover also has etching. 

Bottom Bracket

 BSA English threaded bottom bracket with sealed cartridge externaml bearings. CNC machined aluminum, anodized black with laser etching. 1.37" thread


Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide, 9 speed, 11-50T cassette delivers long service and wide range over fewer gears. Steel for durability. Narrower than a 12 speed cassette which keeps the chainline straighter.


Box Two Prime 9 X-Wide rear derailleur. Stiff Tri-Pack™ Clutch that keeps the chain tight.


Box Three Prime 9 shifter. Multi-shift. With fewer gears, fewer shifts are needed for every mile of travel.  Prime 9 stays in adjustment better than 12 speed. Weighs less than Box Two, but has the same shifting mechanism.

Shift Housing

Jagwire LEX-SL, 5mm. Linear strands of steel are used to encircle the Slick-Lube Liner creating a compressionless ring. This delivers responsive, precise shifting. 5mm housing is more durable and has more room for the inner wire to slide smoothly even if contaminated with dirt, compared to standard 4mm shift housing.

Shifter Cable

Jagwire KEB-SL Elite Ultra-Slick, highly polished stainless steel.


Box Two Prime 9 Chain. Nickel plating adds both corrosion and wear-resistance. Chamfered shifting edges, solid plates and solid pins to safeguard durability. Shiny silver finish. With connecting link.

Chain Stay Protector

Clear plastic decal.


New Jones Spec. Quality foam for a comfortable ride. A great saddle for a variety of riding styles. Ample padding that provides all day comfort. Black with chromoly rails. 136mm wide x 287mm long. Bonded cover makes a smooth finish with no staples. 299g



Reflectors are included but never ride at night without lights.


Jones LWB Complete Bicycle Weights:

Medium LWB HD/e complete bike with knobby tires, mechanical brakes,  w/o pedals: 36.32 lb / 16.47 kg

Medium LWB  HD/e complete bike with smooth tires, mechanical brakes,  w/o pedals: 36.44 lb / 16.53 kg

Medium LWB  HD/e complete bike with knobby tires, hydraulic brakes,  w/o pedals: 

Medium LWB  HD/e complete bike with smooth tires, hydraulic brakes,  w/o pedals: 


Sizing Information  (back to top)

Jones HD/e framesets and complete bikes come in three sizes. To find out which size you may need, please check the basic size chart and geometry below. It’s recommended that you have 1” minimum clearance when standing over the top tube.





Rider Height

5'4" - 5'8"

5'7" - 6'2"

6' - 6'6"

Stand-Over Height

(at center of top tube)






Geometry  (back to top)

Jones Geometry uses a short reach and tall stack for an upright position that places less weight on your hands. 

67.5⁰ head tube angle and a 71⁰ effective seat tube angle.

Chainstays are 20” / 508 mm from bb center to axle center.

Fork rake / offset is 3" / 76mm


     Small: 46.25” / 1176 mm

     Medium: 47.25” / 1203 mm

     Large: 48.5” / 1231 mm


The Jones LWB HD/e combines the latest technology with bicycle designs from throughout history and across the planet to make a bike that defies categories and opens ride possibilities like no other. In this new video Jeff Jones talks about  some of the history and thinking that went into creating the Jones Plus HD/e.


Jeff gives an overview of how the H-Bars work, and the design process that went into making them. The H-Bar is much more than a different-looking handlebar: it's the result of years of prototyping and riding, and the result is a handlebar that gives a very wide range of useful and distinct positions, allows you to use standard mountain bike controls, and has the ability to transform almost any bike into a more versatile and more comfortable machine.


Reviews & Media 

Jones Bikes - Jones Plus Long Wheelbase Titanium Spaceframe 6-Month Review


Shipping  (back to top)

This is a complete Jones bicycle that is pre-assembled, in a box, available in three sizes. Shipping for this bike in the contiguous United States is a flat rate. If you are outside of the United States, you can email us for a shipping quote. More information on our ordering and shipping policies can be found here:



For technical questions or any other inquiries, please email us at or phone call at 541-535-2034.

Office Hours: 9am to 5pm Pacific Time (GMT-8) Monday - Wednesday & Friday (closed Thursdays).


This is a complete, pre-assembled and boxed bike without pedals. It should be built, tuned and maintained by a qualified bicycle mechanic.

We can modify this bike for you or just add some parts. Go to Ways to buy a Jones Bicycle for more information.